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Thank you letter from Michael Garland at Carlisle Events to Joe Caldwell


I hope your return to New York was uneventful and that everyone made it home safely.  I also wanted to drop a
quick note personally to share that it was a pleasure to meet you, your son and father in law.  Your boy is a
great kid and I the best for your family.  They were all so kind.  Further, thank you for having my wife and I be
part of your evening festivities at the hotel.   Again, you made me feel quite welcome from that stand point.

Professionally, I expressed early on that I appreciated your help.  I could tell from the time you got on site that
your hands were tied in certain aspects of the operation, but overall, you did the best you could to make things
work.  Whether you could or couldn’t come through for me, you at least were courteous about trying and were
understanding of the position I was in.   As I worked with you and the celebs, I tried my best to deliver both
personally and as a representative for Carlisle Events.  I hope I did my best there.  I know some toes got
stepped on from both sides but you – Joe Caldwell – were a big help.

Not sure where things go going forward and it’s not my position to assume, speculate or even wonder but from
one person who had to deal with many this weekend, thanks for what you brought to my table.


Michael Garland
Media Specialist
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